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Explore the Many Types of Outdoor and Balcony Spaces

Discover a variety of outdoor and balcony types to inspire your next project. From cozy apartment balconies to spacious garden terraces, find ideas and design inspiration to transform your outdoor living spaces.

Tropical Paradise Design

If you live by the coast, our design is like bringing the beach vibe to your space. We add lots of green plants, palm trees, and wooden or bamboo furniture for a relaxing feel.

Modern and Minimalistic Design

For those who like things simple and stylish, our modern design keeps it clean. We use modern furniture, neutral colors, and make your space feel calm and uncluttered.

Balcony Gardens

In the city, we help you turn your balcony into a small garden. We use potted plants, vertical gardens, and space-saving furniture to make it feel green and cozy.

Indian Fusion Design

This one’s a mix of traditional Indian style and modern living. We blend things like traditional screens, colourful fabrics, and modern furniture to create a unique look that suits you.

We understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your lifestyle, and our designs are all about making it beautiful and comfortable for you.

Traditional Indian Courtyard Design

Imagine a classic Indian design with an open space in the centre and a covered area around it. It’s all about letting in fresh air naturally.

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