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At Saventure, we take the privacy of our website visitors and customers seriously. Our privacy policy comprises 100% integrity that explains how we collect, use, and share your data.

What are the means that we use for collecting the information?

Website forms

We collect your information through our website, which contains the fields like name, email address, mobile number, postal address, city, state, and zip code. We use your information to inform you about the latest marketing and promotional offers for services you requested for further communication. Furthermore, we collect non-personal information like IP address, browser type, and operating system to ensure that no one other than you is logging into your data.


Cookies are another source for collecting non-personal information regarding your website, as they allow us to remember your preferences for improving your user experience as they enable us to remember your preferences and provide a better user experience. However, you can always opt out of the promotional and marketing offers and disable cookies in your browser settings.


Our website also integrates with third-party links like social media websites which would reveal your data to which we don’t have access. Hence, it will help if you read the privacy policies before divulging your information.

What are the parties to which we transfer your data?

We share your information with the following parties with your consent.

Service providers

We share your information with service providers, which enables them to keep in touch with you after analyzing our services.

Business transfers

Suppose you wish to share your negotiation information, meager as the sale of your company’s assets, financing, or acquisition of the whole or part of your business to another company, we share your information with the concerned party to assist you.

Business partners or affiliates

We share your information with our business partners or affiliates comprising of a parent company and its subsidiaries and joint ventures to honor the policy and provide specific services or promotional offers.

Other Users

When you share personal information to interact in public areas with other users or register through a third-party integration, there is every possibility that other users would view your data, like name, profile, pictures, and activity description, to communicate with you.

Retaining personal data

We retain and use personal data required for internal analysis according to our legal obligations. After obtaining your permission, we process your information at the company's operating offices and other places involving various parties, including transferring your data to computers outside your state.

Deleting your data

If you decide to get your data deleted from our system, we would like to respect that decision and provide you with the required assistance. Our data usage services enable you to amend, update, or delete specific information whenever you sign in to your account.

Data Disclosure

If you are looking forward to a meager acquisition or sale of the asset, we transfer your data to the concerned parties and bring it to your notice before implementation.

Law/Judicial enforcement

The company may divulge your information under specific circumstances, where judicial aspects are one of them. We share your information in good faith, required for legal compliance, defending the company’s rights over the property, preventing service misuse, investigating possible wrongdoing, and protecting against legal liability.

Personal Information

We take the security of personal information seriously and strive to use and protect your data in a way that would be commercially acceptable.

Children's Privacy:

We do not collect data from people below 13 years old. However, if we collect them unknowingly, the same comes to our notice that a child gave the personal data without parental consent, we delete the information from our server.

Amendments to our privacy policy:

The company reserves the right to amend the policy from time to time. We assume that your continuity to using our website is your acceptance of the new policy and encourage you to review it before signing.

Contact Us:

If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, reach out to us at

Copyright Disclaimer

Copyright © Disclaimer Section 107 permits the unauthorized use of copyrighted material under specific copyright terms within the range of authorized use. The copyrighted materials for education, research, scholarship, criticism, reporting, commentary, and teaching as it does not generate profit. Hence, the generator used for these purposes is treated as ethical. A fair use copyright disclaimer refers to use permitted under copyright law that would otherwise be considered infringement. The copyright disclaimer in Section 107 contains a comprehensive list of purposes that allow the reproduction of specific content as fair trade. It concerns research, science, teaching, media coverage, commentary, and criticism. It is best to consult an attorney if you are still determining whether a particular use is ethical.

The four factors that Section 107 requires for assessing the acceptability of a specific service are:

  • Nature and purpose of use, including whether you use the material for profitability or a noble pursuit like education.
  • The type of copyright.
  • The amount of importance given to protected work.
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